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Quilters Dream Batting Webstore.

This web site deals with trade-to-trade businesses only . You need to have a Resale Tax ID number, otherwise known as a Sales and Use number, to buy from us.

We sell the finest needle punched battting, all made in the USA!

Quilters Dream Batting is a family owned and operated business since 1995. From the very beginning, we have always been committed to quality, service, and innovation, and all Quilters Dream Batting products are made with pride in the USA.

We use the finest fibers available and state of the art manufacturing to bring our customers batting of unsurpassed quality and consistency. Quilters Dream Batting uses the softest, silkiest high-quality fibers so that your quilt will stay soft, wonderfully drapeable, and will resist shrinkage. With higher quality fiber and processing, greater stitching distances are made possible for wonderful freedom of design. Each batting is hand cut and hand inspected to insure unsurpassed quality. We carry a variety of lofts, fibers, colors, and sizes to meet all your quilting needs.

With a commitment to excellence and quality, the goal at Quilters Dream Batting has always been to exceed our customers expectations in every way. We believe that quality batting affects the ease of quilting and is essential to quilts' longevity, drape and beauty. Batting can define and enhances the character and feel of a quilt as well as adding stability, volume, warmth and drape.

Quilters Dream Batting is honored to be a part of the beauty, art and love that is a handmade quilt.